Believe that the basic course in nursing is a formal educational preparation which should be based on educational principles.

Believe that the practice of nursing requires a good understanding of basic scientific principle.

Believe that communication skill is essential for nursing.

Recognize that nursing is a profession influenced by advances in science and technology.

Recognize that the nature of nursing is such that a substantial portion of the students learning is acquired in the clinical area.

Recognize the interdependence of nursing with allied professions and occupations in promoting, maintaining and restoring health and in particular supervising the auxiliary personnel in the nursing service.

Believe that we have the responsibility in helping the student to develop pride in the profession and in guiding them with respect to their future in nursing.

Believe that we have a responsibility for the all-round development of the student.

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Our main aim is to motivate and equip the students with nursing aptitudes in the rural areas. We also Endeavour to bring up the deserving candidates especially from rural areas irrespective of caste, Creed or religion to render quality care to the sick.

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Accountability-we believe in accepting responsibility and responsible for actions whatever we do. We are accountable for the behaviour and attitude change of individuals through learning activities.

Collaboration-we value our team work to achieve one minded goal.

Compassion-we value the love of our fellow being and integrate the importance of the quality care.

Innovation-we value the creativity of the individual and the creation of new ideas

Integrity-we value in keeping our commitments and incorporate dignity, love, passion, respect to meet our goal.

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