OBG department believes to train the students to attain high quality nursing and midwifery professionals, conduct research in current and emerging related health issues, provide appropriate family centered service and offer consultancy in relevant areas.

The Department of OBG deals with nursing undergraduate and postgraduate students. The services of the department include clinical supervision of students , patient care, and in-service education, conduction of awareness programs like safe motherhood day celebration and research activities. The services are rendered in various areas of our parent hospital include services to female patients and newborns with illnesses, services in childbirth issues, obtain medical history of patients and communicate to the consulting physician, assist gynecologists and obstetricians in treating mothers and newborns, instruct and counsel female patients in preventing illnesses affecting childbirth, educate and counsel female patients on birth control and safe practices, educate women on pre-natal care issues, provide nursing care in delivering babies, manage mothers and newborns through clinical and nursing care services, coordinate with other nurses and clinical staff in treating newborns and mothers.


  • Research activities in the core areas of women’s health, normal reproductive health, high risk pregnancy, neonatal care.
  • Awareness programs like safe motherhood day celebration
  • Conducting state, national and international workshop and seminars.Periodic guest lectures and faculty development programme, journal club, panel discussion, symposium
  • Enhancing the students learning experiences through field trips.Developing technological competencies and interpersonal skills.
  • Mentoring the students in personal and professional development.
  • Encourage the students in scientific paper Publications